​Our Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church

     Our Saviour began as a mission in Detroit.  As with many mission congregations, there were many difficult times when the infant congregation struggled to survive.  Trusting in God for guidance and with a firm determination to have a place of worship, the Lord led these people and their pastors to continue their efforts in preaching and teaching His Word.

​     The history of Our Saviour began in the early part of 1917 when some members of Zion Lutheran Church on the east side of Detroit moved to the Northwest section of Detroit.  At this time, this was a fast growing part of the city.  These members asked Rev. Heyn to start a mission in their developing area.  the first worship service was conducted in the Willmarth Hall, Grand River at Livernois, on Sunday, May 19, 1917.  Worship continued at this location until February 17, 1918, when a 22 ft. by 50 ft. wooden portable chapel was dedicated at a previously purchased site on Collingwood and Woodside Avenue.  Funding was provided by the Mission Board of the Wisconsin Synod.  In December 1917, Rev. G. A. Schmuelzer accepted the call to serve the mission.

​     In July, 1918, a parsonage was purchased on Nardin Avenue with a $5,000 loan from the Church Extension Fund.  The mission experienced very slow growth because of its distance from Grand River and also the modest appearance of the chapel.  However, in the Fall of 1919, the congregation had the opportunity to buy the Nardin Methodist Church at Grand River and Nardin for $11,000.  The Mission Board again agreed to provide the loan.

​     Rev. Hugo Hoenecke was installed as pastor in September of 1921.  The following year, the church property at Collingwood and Woodside and  the parsonage on Nardin were sold.  In 1925, the church property at Grand River and Dundee was also sold.  Members then agreed to build a new church at a site on Dundee and Nardin.  The parsonage was also moved to the new location.  The new church with seating for 400 was dedicated on March 20, 1927.

​     Pastor H. A. Allwardt was installed on April 19, 1931.  During the next years the congregation struggle with a sizeable debt.  At times, the operating expenses were subsidized by the WELS Mission Board.  Growth in membership was minimal.

​     Rev. Conrad Frey was called to serve the congregation from October 1943 - January 1950, when he left the congregation to serve as President of Michigan Lutheran Seminary in Saginaw, MI.  During his pastorate, the congregation increased to 309 baptized souls and 194 communicants.  The congregation also became self-sustaining.  However, the area was changing.  Many residents lived in rented homes or flats, which resulted in considerable movement.  A large Jewish community bordered the neighborhood.  The established membership consisted largely of families with German background who often lived some distance from the church.

​     Pastor Jack deRuiter became the next pastor of Our Saviour in 1950.  During his pastorate, and as a result of a changing neighborhood, the members decided to relocate.  In 1959, the present property at Warren Road and Farmington was purchased.  Services were held at the Malewood School in Garden City and the Tonquish School in Westland.  The present parsonage was built and dedicated in the Fall of 1961 and the new church was dedicated on March 4, 1962.  After many years of faithful service, Pastor deRuiter was called to his eternal home on May 5, 1980.

​     Pastor Rodney Schwab served as pastor from 1980 - 1988. 

​     Pastor Myron Sordahl served as pastor from 1988 - 2004,

​     The present pastor is Pastor Guy Purdue.